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Overview of your learning journey

Our learning process is interactive and follows the same practice as a well functioning engineering team. From the first line of code you write, you will be code reviewed by engineers to ensure you are always following industry best practices.

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Creating an account

After creating an account, you will gain ssh access to our computer. This means that you can code from any device/operating system (phone, tablet, chromebooks, macs, windows). All necessary tools will already be set up for you, there will be no need to set up and install anything and you can immediately jump into our curriculum



Each lesson in our curriculum is designed to be hands on and you will learn by working through plenty of exercises. There will be video lectures to guide you along as well as lecture notes. In the interactive lessons where you write server code and build web applications, you will be able to create your own subdomains and your code is immediately available on around the world. If you get stuck, you can ask for help in our chat channel, where students who passed the lessons would be helping you along.

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Conducting Code Reviews

When you finish your lesson, you will have the opportunity to help new students who are starting the lesson. By code reviewing students to the same standard that you were code reviewed, you help ensure that new students are writing good code and becoming better engineers. At the same time, conducting regular code reviews helps you improve your ability to read/debug code as well as understand the lesson concepts at a deeper level.


Work Experience

After completing our curriculum, you will gain access to our internal code repository that powers and have the opportunity to work with our engineers and experience the entire workflow of a full stack software engineer. There will be bugs and feature list on our issue board for you to contribute to and you will be held to the same expectations as any respected engineer: high quality code and proper testing. Every feature contribution will be documented and recogized on our contribution list and you would be able to list your contributions as work experience on your resume.

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